The World Class Fortified Tasting Experience

AUD A$ 30,00
  • Varighet: 2 Timer
  • Lokasjon: Wahgunyah, Vic
  • Produktkode: Fortified STE

Whilst most traditional fortified wines hail from the Old World, including Sherry from Jerez and Port from Portugal, Rutherglen Topaques and Muscats are Australia’s fortified gift to the wine world.

But what actually is a fortified wine?  The first thing to understand is that it is actually a wine category.  Just like sparkling wines, white wines and red wines, there are fortified wines.  And just like sparkling wines, white wines and red wines, fortified wines vary in colour, flavour and sweetness, depending on where they are made. 

The one thing all fortified wines have in common is that they have a neutral (usually grape) alcohol added to the wine either during or after it is fermented.  This stabilises the wine and enhances the flavour of the final product.

How all of these different fortified wines are made and what all of the great fortified wines of the world are, is an entirely different story and something you might be interested in asking if you do this tasting.

The World Class Fortified Tasting Experience will take you on a fortified journey, from the bone dry Seriously Fine Apera to the intense, rich and sensuous Rare Rutherglen Muscat.  All 15 Pfeiffer fortified wines you taste have been carefully handcrafted from aged stocks using time-honoured traditions and skills that have been passed down through the generations.  Collectively these 15 wines have won 26 trophies, 28 Top Gold medals and 112 Gold medals between them.  Now that is a World Class tasting!!

This tasting is $30 and is Non-Refundable.

There are 15 wines in this tasting and each serve is approximately 20mL.

If all this wine in this tasting experience is consumed, it is the equivalent of 4 standard drinks.  Whilst it might feel slightly wasteful, a spittoon is a great way to ensure you are able to taste these wines in a responsible manner.

We highly encourage you to use a spittoon for the World Class Fortified Tasting Experience.